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Manh Ha Steel offers cheap tubular steel price list

thép ống

Steel pipe is a factory product of Manh Ha Steel company which is strictly carried out according to international quality system certification standards. We specialize in providing various types of structural steel construction materials including bảng báo giá thép hìnhbảng báo giá thép ốngbảng báo giá thép hộp, shaped steel, Shaped steel price, giá thép hộp đen… We have provided construction materials for successful projects throughout HCM City. Regardless of industry, size or complexity, we always carry the same passion and commitment for every project we undertake.

Báo giá thép ống hộp đen, bao gia thep hop den

Preferential policies when buying thép ống from Manh Ha Steel Company:

  • Accurate quick quotation according to the volume after 1 working hour from the time of requesting quotation; quotation right of the price of steel in the day when no specific quantity.
  • Quotations offered to customers are the best prices from the factory for dealers and stores.
  • Customers can order by phone or email.
  • Supported delivery, to the foot of the project; (The company has a large and small fleet of vehicles suitable for the volume and terrain of Ho Chi Minh City)
  • Free shipping to customers _ save shipping costs for you.
  • Only pay after receiving the goods _ Ensure benefits for customers

Round steel pipe is a widely used steel in the domestic construction industry. The steel pipe we supply includes black and galvanized pipe. Both have the advantages of high strength, high pressure resistance as well as excellent resistance to corrosion and rust in extreme weather environments. In addition to the above mechanical characteristics, when using steel pipes, customers will easily in the installation, maintenance and maintenance.

The main application of steel pipes is often used as a water pipe in high-rise buildings, industrial workshop frames. Products such as square steel pipes, round pipes can also be used as antennas, light poles, ultrasonic poles, etc. In addition, they are also used to make frames for cars, motorcycles, trucks, … and devices. Interior, exterior inside the family.

Our steel pipes are imported with many different shapes and sizes, so their applications are extremely wide and suitable for all constructions of customers.

thép ống đúc, thep ong duc

Products are always available in our products

Đường kính ngoàiĐộ dàyKhối lượngĐơn giá
12.505 ~ 2.0Liên hệ
1505 ~ 2.0Liên hệ
1805 ~ 2.0Liên hệ
1905 ~ 2.0Liên hệ
2005 ~ 2.0Liên hệ
2205 ~ 2.0Liên hệ
2505 ~ 2.0Liên hệ
2705 ~ 2.0Liên hệ
4205 ~ 2.0Liên hệ
48.305 ~ 2.0Liên hệ
601.5 ~ 5.0Liên hệ

Tolerance for outside diameter:

Less than 50mm: ± 0.5mm

Over 50mm: ± 1%

Thickness tolerance:

Below 3mm: ± 0.3mm

From 3mm to below 12mm: ± 10%

The latest giá thép ống price 2020

The price list of spool steel is for reference only, in real time when you buy. Iron pipe prices may have changed up or down slightly. Therefore, to get the most accurate price. Please contact the company’s hotline to get the latest price list updated right at the time you call.

bang bao gia thep ong, bảng báo giá thép ống

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